Vision is the ability to see beyond what is in front of you to the possibilities of what could be.

Our Strategic Master Planning process captures your vision and provides a unique pathway for your ministry that effectively utilizes the resources God has provided. Our Station 19 planners combine extensive experience with a detailed planning process customized just for you. We take time to identify and understand your core mission and vision; listening to understand your unique DNA. We work with you to objectively evaluate your ministry's present and future needs by quantifying and confirming your recent and projected patterns of participation and facility use.

Vision Blueprint: Great Architecture Takes Clarity

Every ministry is unique, and so is every architectural project.

The space you create for your ministry, whether new construction or a remodel, should reflect who you are and where you’ve been while also paving the way for who you are becoming and where you are going. At Station 19 Architects, we are committed to navigating that process with you with clarity.

Only in clarity can you set a course that’s uniquely yours. Only in clarity can you have the confidence that the decisions you make for your project align with the mission of your ministry. Only in clarity can you make decisions based on the life and vitality of your people and purpose.

A Blueprint for Your Vision

At Station 19 Architects, we are committed to partnering with churches, ministries, and schools to create spaces that reflect who they are with a vision for where they’re going. We’ve been doing it for decades. Sometimes it looks like helping churches accomplish exactly what they have in mind. Other times, it means helping them discover it.

It comes down to two simple, but extraordinarily vital, things: a process that’s been tested time and time again and a team committed to our client’s success. The start-to-finish experience with Station 19 Architects puts our clients in the driver’s seat of their project, with experts there to direct and instruct each step of the way.

Great Architecture Happens When We Listen

Listen First.

This has been Station 19’s launching pad for our process for over 40 years. It has been the foundation of our Architectural Design Philosophy. Our dedication to building a space that reflects your ministry’s unique DNA calls for in-depth discussion about where you have been and where you see your ministry in 1, 5, 10 years and beyond. We believe that by listening first, the design process yields results that empower leadership and visions. It helps foster creativity.

Station 19’s Design Philosophy

Station 19’s design philosophy can be summarized in three words: Passion. Creativity. Expertise.

Our unique approach to design starts with prayers and listening and culminates with bold choices for God-sized dreams!

Vision Crafting: Building to Match the Dream

The facility you build should reflect the culture and community you’re a part of. It should be planned and built according to your unique vision, strategically reflecting who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. It must do more than react to current demands and church architecture trends.

This process takes vision and clarity, so that who you are can be reflected in the future of your ministry. It also takes a team: a partnership with the right people who can match the dream of your church with the facility you design, finance, and build.

Vision Crafting: Bringing a Vision to Life

How S19 helped take Faith Covenant’s vision and reflect it in their space.

It takes time, effort, and motivation to build a cultivate a vision. It doesn’t become a reality overnight.

Before designing any sketches or concepts, Station 19 always takes time to listen first to the client’s dream. That principle, “Listen First.” has always been at the center of our process. It gives us the clarity we need to create spaces that will communicate and reflect a ministry’s vision.

Vision Crafting: Bringing a Church's Mission to Life

Every project we work on is unique. Every project is important.

No matter the church community or denomination; no matter the location or the budget: Every project we work on needs to reflect the vision of the organization. And vision isn’t limited to the number of people that fill the seats in an auditorium. It involves the ministry that churches do; the people that they reach. Ultimately, it is about each church community’s unique expression of what it means to be “the Church”.

New Partners. A Continued Legacy.

Station 19 Architects is proud to announce that as of January 1st, 2019 we have welcomed two new associate partners! Registered Architect and LEED Green Associate Dan Torgerson and Certified Interior Designer Cristina Earley made the leap into leadership and are ready to dive in to the ins and outs of being a Station 19 partner.

Building Better…Not Just Bigger

At Station 19, we are committed to working together with our clients, partnering with them to take the right steps forward. When a church is ready to talk about a facility construction or remodel project, we don’t view it as a chance to bring our ideas to the forefront. Instead, it’s our responsibility and privilege to bring your vision to life.

Building Your Vision: It's a Bold Move

Are you ready to be bold in communicating your vision? At Station 19, we have a passion to serve churches regardless of size, whether a large church or a brand new church plant, whether in the middle of a small farming town or in the heart of the inner-city. We want to help them discover what it means to be bold in communicating their vision for their facility and their community.

Recognizing a Bigger Vision–
Sanctuary Church

We say it all the time. Every project we work on at Station 19 is unique because every church’s vision is unique. We partner with churches to help them reflect who they are in the space they create for their community. It’s what makes our job great. Each project takes on a look and feel of its own, and we get to co-create something beautiful in partnership with our clients.

God Size Dreams for Your Church

At Station 19, we are joining our experience with the ministries we work with, whether across town or across the country. What this looks like for a community in North Minneapolis is different for one in Pierre, South Dakota. Likewise, planning a new facility is different than planning the remodeling of an old space. Every project is unique because every vision is unique. 

Casting Your Vision for Your Building 

Recently, I was talking with a pastor and was fascinated by the variety of opportunities that ministries have in front of them. Church used to be predictable. It was on Sunday morning. People sat in pews. They brought their Bibles and dressed up and went to Sunday School and drank Folgers.

Any Size Church. God Size Dreams

At the start of his keynote address at an international denomination’s annual pastors’ conference, Irwin McManus asked attendees how many churches were represented at the conference. A few of the up-front leadership chimed in. Some unscripted and un-mic’ed conversations transpired. Someone yelled a number from the back.

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